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Little Tikes Play N Store Toy Chest

This Little Tikes Play N Store toy Chest is a first-class place to Store all of your toy gear, with a wide variety of toys and accessories, you're sure to find something to your taste. The toy Chest is produced of sturdy wood and is covered in colorful stickers, why not give it a try today.

Toy Chest Little Tikes

The toy Chest extends a sleek oval organization system built-in to the body of the toy chest, this system allows you to place all of your toys, including Play supplies, in one place. The toy Chest also includes a variety of storage options, including two-tone gray and black colors, this toy Chest is excellent for keeping Play supplies together and organized in one place. This Little Tikes Play N Store toy Chest is a top-of-the-line place for your Little one to Store all of their toy items, with a built in chest, this toy Chest can hold all of your Little one's toys with plenty of room to spare. The stylish Chest also features a built in door that can be opened for access to their toy chest, the Little Play N Store is a fun and facile alternative to keep your Little Tikes Play area entertained! This toy Chest grants everything you need to get your Play area up and running, and it's good for both boys and girls. The toy Chest presents a variety of Play tools and games to keep your Play area active, and a few nice features too, this toy Chest is sure to make a big impact in your Little Tikes playroom! This Little Tikes Play n' Store toy Chest is sensational for attaching to your car or home to Store your playthings. The toy Chest is produced of durable plastic and renders a few straps to keep it in place, the toy Chest is uncomplicated to open, just a key and some keyhole models to open it up. There is a small compartment for your child to Store their playthings and a big top to Store their clothes, the toy Chest is sure to be a for your child.